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Mining and Avos have more in common than you think

When we consider the cost and sizes of our much love Avocado, we never think about the role that Australian Mining will play. Aussie Potash producers Kalium Lakes have found shallow brine deposits in…

Committed to Clean Energy – how we’re helping with climate change.

IGO Limited: Clean Energy Evolution IGO Limited is a mining and exploration company committed to Making a Difference by producing the metals needed for a clean energy future. IGO’s...

Old mine turned in to renewable energy Gold mine.

Kidston Clean Energy Hub – Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project Genex Power Limited Genex Power Limited The Kidston Gold Mine (‘KGM’) is located in North  Queensland approximately 280km northwest of  Townsville. The mine was constructed and operated by Placer Dome Inc. from 1981 through to its eventual closure in 2001. Genex acquired KGM from  Barrick Gold in June 2014 with the principal intent of redeveloping the site as a clean energy hub including a pumped storage hydropower station.  Entura was […]