Land & Water

Almost all of our Mining operations in Australia occur on land, land we share with other animals, people and industries, therefore we have to work together and be careful and considerate about the way that we use it. Most mining occurs in regional areas away from cities and communities, although other industries use these spaces too.

The other significant primary industry in Australia that uses land is agriculture and farming. Farming has been around as long as mining, so we try to look after each other.

Food security is one of the most important things for a country and its people. Australians are lucky to have access to some of the best produce grown right here at home.

From wheat to spuds, to cotton, we can grow almost everything. And what we don’t need, we export for others around the world to enjoy. For us to grow such high quality food we need fertilizers, which previously we’ve had to import from other countries.

Luckily for our farmers, the mining industry has got them covered. We’ve found Sulphate of Potash deposits in the Pilbara in West Australia, the kind that has less of the environmentally damaging chloride. Have a look how mining company Kalium Lakes is helping to create a sustainable supply of food for Australia and look after our farmers and the environment at the same time.

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