Land Rehabilitation

We don’t just return old mines to their original landscape. Some projects we rehabilitate for different industry, purposes and uses. This depends on the landscape and the area and what the land was being used for prior to mining.

Depending on the rainfall, access to water sources and soil types, many of our old mines in remote areas can be rehabilitated and transformed into pasture and agriculture. Peabody Energy in Queensland rehabilitated old coal mine Wilkie Creek into productive pasture for cattle.

It’s not all farms and grass. We’ve even turned an old Gold mine in Queensland into a giant battery that uses hydro solar energy to power over 240,000 homes. Yancoal’s coal mine near Collie WA operated from the 1970s to 1996. Yancoal was committed to the successful rehabilitation of the area and worked to shape the land and return it to a state that benefited both the environment and the community. Native species were planted, giving rise to local fauna including the western quoll, southern brown bandicoot and western brush wallaby. We’re also starting the rehabilitation process while we are still mining.

In the South West of Western Australia Talison Lithium have turned their old tin mine pit in Greenbushes in to a wetland haven for birds, and it’s all happening right next door to their working lithium mine.

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