Clean Energy

Clean energy is energy that comes from renewable, low emissions sources. As we have learnt more about the damage that carbon emissions have on our environment, our industry has transitioned to looking at new forms of low carbon energy.

Clean energy is an important part of our global energy future, and our industry is consistently doing what we can to slash our carbon footprint. Sandfire Resources, for example, are leading the way with their DeGrussa Solar Farm, using solar power and battery storage. Not only are we looking at types of energy that produce only small (if any) amounts of greenhouse gases, such as solar, wind and water, but our industry is also exploring energy that is renewable. Forget about single use energy sources, renewable energy technologies can be used over and over again, proving to be more efficient, and better for our environment.

Mining also plays a crucial role in the production of clean energy farms all around the world. Wind turbines are made from steel, and solar panels rely on the supply of aluminium, copper, and rare earth elements.

We know that climate change is a very real threat and a clean energy future is vital for our planet. That’s why our industry is already incorporating clean energy into our operations.

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