The Australian Mining Industry

What does more resourceful than ever mean?

Well, it means just that. Our industry is more resourceful than ever.

Mining in Australia has a long and storied history, but it’s not without its blemishes. The way we’ve done things in the past, has sometimes meant that we’ve taken our beautiful country and the rich resources it has for granted.

It is these parts of our past that make many Australians question our commitment to the environment.

This has also affected how people think about our industry, and although we’ve created lots of jobs and wealth for our country, it’s the not so great things that everyone remembers.

But our industry has grown, evolved and changed a lot over the years. Not just to tick the boxes and to abide by the rules, but because we realise how important it is to look after our resources and the environment they are in.

Even though Australia has some of the highest quality minerals in the world, we also have some of the most beautiful landscapes, the most unique biodiversity, and some of the most innovative people. We’ve figured out that if we look after all of these things together, we’ll continue to hold the title of ‘the lucky country’.

More resourceful than ever is about showcasing the huge improvements our industry has made to do better. Because that’s what we want and need to do, better.