The Australian Mining Industry

The mineral and mining industry has been a cornerstone of Australia since the early gold rushes of the mid-1800’s. Today, the industry accounts for over 10% of our national economy, provides jobs for nearly a quarter of a million people, and is responsible for 75% of Australia’s exports. It is part of what makes Australia a fantastic country to live in and is an important part of the Australian story.

It is however not without its blemishes.

In the past, all of us have taken our beautiful country and rich resources for granted, understandably making many Australians question the industry’s commitment to the environment.

The world is changing dramatically to try and slow the effects of climate change and make meaningful changes in our relationship with the environment in which we live. The mining industry is at the forefront of this change. Strict environmental benchmarks are enforced at the legal level, ensuring that companies meet the their environmental obligations. However, the mining industry strives to do much more than what is required.

Many companies in the industry are transforming their operations to prioristise the environment. This could be changing business goals to factor in resourcefulness and environmental risk management. It could be adoption of innovative renewable energy production to offset emission outputs or factoring in extensive ecosystem rehabilitation into mine rehabilitation plans.

Environment, Social and Governance factors (ESG) are becoming stand practice in our industry. It is a framework for assessing a business’s sustainability, a practice taken out by investors who are looking to make better choices with their investments. Explorers and miners, and associated businesses rely largely on outside investment, therefore ensuring they meet ESG criteria is vital for continuing their operations. This means that not only does the industry WANT to do better, but they MUST do better as well.

The industry is changing, becoming more responsible, more innovative, and more caring.

More resourceful than ever is about showcasing the huge improvements our industry has made to do better. Because that’s what we want and need to do, better.