From waste to green technology

Because of its high strength and melting point Tungsten is used for many different things. This hard-working mineral does most of its work behind the scenes. From strengthening other metals to its use as a component in green technology, Tungsten is even used to make cello strings and spacecraft equipment.

North Queensland miner EQ Resources are taking a thorough approach to their operations making sure that every last bit of Tungsten on their mine in Mt Carbine does not go to waste. Literally.

EQ Resources pre-sorts old tailings and waste rock stockpiles using a TOMRA XRT sorter, the mineralised material is taken to the downstream processing plant.

The reduced volume means less power, fuel and water used, and the non-mineralised material is used for local infrastructure aggregate.

EQ Resources realises the importance of addressing environmental impact and risks associated with historical mine waste and tailings and are well on their way to progressing their ambition to become a socio-environmentally conscientious tungsten producer.

They hope that by transforming environmental waste into commercial products, this will encourage investors, stakeholders and customers to support socio-environmentally conscientious mining projects and organisations.