Committed to Clean Energy – how we’re helping with climate change.

IGO Limited: Clean Energy Evolution

IGO Limited is a mining and exploration company committed to Making a Difference by producing the metals needed for a clean energy future.

IGO’s strategic focus is to become a globally relevant supplier of metals which are critical to enabling energy storage and renewable energy, with a particular focus on nickel, copper, cobalt and lithium. This focus is driven by the significant opportunity IGO sees in supporting the decarbonisation of our planet. The electrification of transport, renewable energy generation and energy storage technologies are key platforms to support this global effort and, will rely heavily on the mining industry to deliver the raw materials which make these new technologies possible.

In addition to their focus on enabling these new technologies, IGO is also committed to delivering these critical metals with as little environmental impact as possible. Together with their people, IGO are making transformational changes to their operations and activities to reduce their net emissions to zero by 2035. Climate change considerations are embedded into all IGO’s core strategic activities, planning and decision making. Through its bold and targeted strategy, IGO has positioned itself as a pure-play clean energy metals producer and developer with industry leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials.

IGO are committed to being Proactively Green, and over the 2020 Financial Year saw the development of IGO’s Climate Change Policy which defined their aspiration to become carbon neutral by 2035. The policy currently focuses on managing climate-related risk and opportunities, managing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, investing in low emissions technology and seeking ways to decarbonise their business.

In line with their Climate Change Policy, IGO commissioned a 5.5 megawatt (MW) solar farm at their 100%-owned Nova Operation in FY20. Since the delivery of first power in November 2019, the solar farm has contributed 10 per cent of IGO’s overall FY20 power supply needs and is expected to reduce their emissions by approximately 6,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. This is equivalent to the emissions from about 450 Australian homes annually.

IGO’s commitment to a clean energy future has been widely adopted by their people who have discovered innovative ways to incorporate the Company strategy in their everyday activities.

In 2020, the I-GO Green Waste Reduction Initiative was launched at IGO’s Nova Operation. This employee-led waste reduction program established three new sustainable waste pathways and recycled or composted over 99 tonnes of waste destined for landfill within its first year of implementation. With the support of its people, IGO also eliminated all single use plastic waste in catering areas at the Nova Operation.

During FY20, 1,040 tonnes of materials were recycled at the Nova Operation. This included organic waste, co-mingled waste (such as glass, hard plastics and cardboard) and scrap metal. Through the initiative, IGO reduced its average annual landfill volume by 30 per cent, while also avoiding the use of 300,000 units of single use plastics and saving 69 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the environment (the equivalent of 5,698 days of electricity consumption for one household).

In 2021, IGO were recognised and included in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook for their commitment to sustainability, ESG performance and supporting the global transition to a clean energy future. The yearbook identifies the top 15% of high performing sustainable companies, and IGO were one of only 12 global mining companies recognised for their achievements.

This is just the beginning of IGO’s clean energy evolution which sees this transformational change complemented and driven by the Company’s commitment to being Proactively Green. IGO will reduce the impacts on the environment and communities in which they operate through technology, innovation and people power; all in a bid to Make a Difference and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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